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Iranian market laws

In line with supporting local manufacturing, Iranian parliament has ratified a law of maximum use of local technical capabilities and engineering in industrial production and projects. Therefore export of finished products to Iran is almost prohibited or requires special permits and it would be subject of higher customs duties. It is essential for foreign companies to have local partners, when import license/certificate shall be obtained.

All the Iranian ministries are obliged to send the list of their requirements to the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade before end of each year, and Ministry of Trade will announce the import/export instruction and regulations to the Iranian Customs Administration (IRICA).
The imported/exported goods are categorised to three groups of:

(1) allowed goods (there is no need to obtain import permit)
(2) conditional goods (import/export of these group is possible after obtaining permit)
(3) prohibited goods. (it is banned by local or national law)

Any importation is according to INCOTERMS 1990 and can be done by registration of the purchase opening and letter of credit or without using Iranian banking system (without transfer of hard currency- using foreign resources) and all the formalities must be done by an Iranian company as local partners of foreign companies.