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The Trade Council 

The Trade Council is part of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which assist Danish companies with achieving its ambitions within export, innovation and growth through a range of tailor-made services.

The Trade Council is your point of entry to the Iranian market and provide up-to-date counselling and expertise to Danish companies. The Trade Council offer market research, market-analysis, identification of distribution, customs data etc. Furthermore, the Trade Council also provides assisting in setting up meetings e.g. with authorities, custom-made solutions and subsidises programmes. For more detailed information regarding costs, rules and regulation regarding The Trade Council’s overall work, please see the following link:

Due to the limited Danish commercial interests and opportunities in Iran
The Trade Council does not have dedicated staff at the Embassy but the
Embassy still takes on Trade Council assignments pending an assessment on the individual case. Please contact the Embassy at [email protected] for further information

The Trade Council only assist Danish companies 

The Trade Council of the Danish Embassy only assists Danish companies who are or want to do business in Iran. If you are an Iranian company planning to do business in Denmark, please contact the Iranian Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark.