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Iran as a market

Iran is one of the largest economies in the Middle East. The country has some of the largest oil and natural gas reserves in the world but. Nevertheless, Iran has increasingly attempted to diversify its economy and developed several of its key economic sectors such as construction, tourism, healthcare and manufacturing.

Iran is a substantial market of 80 million consumers with a growing and well-educated middle class. There is a high domestic demand for products, goods, services, expertise and technology from European companies. In addition, Iran has a vibrant business community, which is eager to work with foreign businesses and investments. Because of the country’s unique geographical and strategic location, Iran is also the entry-point to other upcoming regional markets in the Middle East and Central Asia with equally high demands for foreign investments and trade.

The Iranian government has taken serious steps to improve the business environment for foreign companies by increasing its focus on intellectual property rights and loosening up rules and regulations for foreign businesses. However, the current US sanction regime against Iran poses some significant obstacles for foreign business engagement in Iran.

Financial numbers:

2018 Iran Projected Real GDP: -1.5 %
2018 Iran Projected Consumer Prices: 29.6 %

/Iran/Images/5053050623_c06d8e2ff0_oSource: IMF DataMapper, april 2018. Danmarks Statistik, october 2018.

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