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The Organisation

The Trade Council is the governmental export and investment promotion organisation under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. The organisation comprises all governmental activities designed to promote Danish export and foreign investment in Denmark under one roof.

In 2012 the Trade Council has approximately 75 employees in Denmark and 230 employees abroad located at more than 100 embassies, consulates general and trade commissions.

The organisation focuses on offering Danish companies individual advice on all issues important for their international activities. It is a professional and innovative organisation which aims to secure the best possible conditions for taking part in the increasing globalisation for the Danish industry. Moreover, it is an organisation which can act as a sparring partner for companies at all levels.

The Trade Council is in a position to offer substantial and discernible benefits to both new and experienced export firms. The goal is to offer the Danish business community the opportunity to enter a close partnership which will enhance the professional analysis of foreign markets and thereby increase the competitiveness of the companies.

Every year the Council publishes a report in order to take stock of the Council's activities as well as to explain why even more enterprises should make use of us as a co-operation.