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The Trade Council of the Danish Embassy in Iran

On this page you will find information about the Trade Council of the Danish Embassy in Iran and what services we provide.


The Trade Council only assist Danish companies 

The Trade Council of the Danish Embassy only assists Danish companies who are or want to do business in Iran. If you are an Iranian company planning to do business in Denmark, please contact the Iranian Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark:


The Trade Council's services

The Trade Council's services include market research, market-analysis, identification of distributers, customs data etc. Furthermore, the Trade Council also provides assisting in setting up meetings e.g. with authorities and tailor-made services.

We kindly ask for all inquiries to the Embassy to be in English as the dedicated staff in The Trade Council do not speak Danish. 


For further information

To find out more, you can click on the menu to your left or contact us either on phone or email. For further information, please check the following links:

The Trade Council - General Business Conditions:

The Trade Council - How we work together:

The Trade Council - Engage the diplomacy:

Retsinformation - Bekendtgørelse om betaling for tjenestehandlinger i udenrigstjenesten:

Opening hours

Sunday-Wednesday: 09.00-16.00

Thursday: 09.00-15.30


Telephone, fax and email


Telefon: +98 (21) 2815 5000
Faxnummer: +98 (21) 2264 0007